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Freak For Stretches

The ideology of Contrology is get your muscles to their optimum length; this ensures they work with the highest efficiency. This minimises strains, sprains and helps your body stay aligned, working in straight lines prevents your body taking unnecessary weight in the wrong places (incorrect posture) causing you to compensate. Having to constantly fight against incorrect posture causes those aches and pains that you feel everyday, or worse, cause you to "pull a muscle", this is where stretching coupled with Pilates can help give your body a break.

It starts in the morning before you get out of bed, if you watch your cat or dog when they wake up they immediately stretch, so should you. Your body has spent a prolonged amout of time in one postion, this has caused your muscles to accommodate that position and therefore shortened or lengthen. Reaching you hands away from your shoulders above your head and your feet away from your waist (Full Body Stretch) for around 5 seconds can start to correct that, you may find you yawn too (lung stretch!).


As the title says I'm a Freak For Stretches, a daily 15-20 minute stretching routine can make a huge difference to your flexibility and will help your limbs move freely. Couple this with Pilates once or more a week and it will improve your posture, rid you of those aches and pains of everyday life, improve balance, increase self confidence, help your mental health, destress you........I could go on and on, the changes are all good and all in your hands.

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