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The Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method is a natural way optimise your body and mind. It is built on 3 pillars; breathwork, cold emersion and comittment/mindset.
The benefits include; reducing inflammation, increased energy, greater focus, boosting your immune system, being more productive, calming your mind, controlling your stress response, cardiovascular workout. This is not all but it gives you an idea of how powerful this method is.

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Kingston Country is walking distance from the picturesque Kingston village, with views over to the historical Corfe Castle. Close distance to the stunning famous Jurassic Coastline.

Wim Hof

50 Hill Rise,
Richmond on Thames
TW10 6UB


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Retreat & Workshop


What People Say

Dr Mei-Ling


I'm a GP and fully up on the science behind this and Ash absolutely nailed it in explaining at a level to suit everyone's interest and need. He led the class with passion and kindness and shared his own story as well as facilitating the group sharing. He created a space of psychological safety for people to be able to allow themselves to be vulnerable and explore the breath work and his enthusiasm and joy were contagious. If I could have rated any higher than 5 stars I would. Despite a couple of hitches on the day due to the venue, he navigated this and provided a wonderful experience which I am busy recommending to colleagues and friends alike.


Excellent educational and inspirational workshop. Ash was very knowledgeable, and it was the right ratio of theory and practice. Ash was very welcoming and made us all feel very relaxed by creating a fun but safe place to lean and follow the process. The ice bath was an experience like no other and I’m not sure I could have done it without Ash to guide me though - he was amazing! Thanks to Liam also who’s facilities we used he was also very invested and was lovely that he came by to check in and have a chat with us. Thank you, a great day would definitely recommend.

Ash was enthusiastic and welcoming from the word go . The 5 hour course whizzed by, because it was so engaging and informative. I have returned home so enthused by Ash and the workshop and have recommended it to my family and friends . Top quality workshop . Thank you Ash .


A friend recommended taking place in a Wim Hof workshop that Ash was holding near Twickenham, South West London. Initially I’ve been hesitant as I had done the breath work and cold showering for a few years but was curious to see whether there is more to it. And there was. Ash gave me some valuable tips on how to improve my breathing technique further. I also experienced the power of doing the work in a group setting which exaggerated the breathing effect.
In addition, I was very taken by the knowledge Ash has presented us with. He is able to answer any Wim Hof related questions and knows exactly what is going on in the body when doing breath work and/or dip into ice cold bath water. Last but not least, Ash naturally wants to help. He gives really good advice on how to deal with any issues through the Wim Hof method. Mentally or physically. I am glad I signed up for the workshop, met like-minded people and it definitely got the Wim Hof practice to another, more advanced, level.Thank you, Ash. You are a wonderful teacher.



Ash was amazing. I was quite stressed when I arrived and straight away ash put me at ease and relax.. I felt he had the ability to do this with everyone in the group without you even realising this. The time went so quickly and I was totally engaged throughout which is first for me! I’ve tried the breathing before but found it difficult but with Ash’s guidance I managed to get the hang of it and it felt so good that I know I want to continue with learning more and go deeper . At the beginning of the day I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to do the ice bath never mind be able to do it but by the time it came round to it there was no doubt in my mind that I wasn’t going to try. With Ash’s powerful guidance I got in and smashed it! The feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming after and I couldn’t believe I’d actually done it. Still buzzing the day after writing this and still can’t believe I went into an ice bath at 2 degrees for 2.30 minutes. I feel very lucky that I live nearby the brilliant lutonicebath so I can carry on my journey of ice baths and getting all the many benefits from it . Without this course I don’t think I’d of had the courage to do this by myself, thank you so much.


Ash, is an amazing communicator, his enthusiasm is very infectious. His knowledge of the Wim Hof method is very impressive. He made everyone very welcome and created a warm atmosphere and by the time we left there was a great sense of comradeship between all the participants due to Ash’s clever bonding exercises. I was a companying my partner and had very little knowledge of the breathing methods and he took the time to make me feel comfortable and was very encouraging. Ash made it a very enjoyable experience and has stoked my interest in the Win Hof method. He was mindful to give everyone equal attention and was very attentive to the different needs of everyone. Glad I went and many thanks Ash !

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